What commerce can do for your church

Every day throughout the world, millions of dollars are gifted to churches, who need to rely on precious resources and volunteers to administer the funds.

E-Commerce is not just for shops and t-shirt factories but churches can value greatly from the incorporation of e-commerce.

Some ideas for commerce:

Online giving

Tithing online is an easy way to make it possible for your parish to fund your efforts in their own homes and own time.

View our implimentation of online giving


Fund your projects

People are willing to pitch in and assist with projects everywhere, but they need to be made aware of them.  Putting your efforts online makes your projects transparent and gives a platform for proper administration of your efforts.


Book courses

Have you ever thought of taking the administration of your courses online. E-commerce is the answer to your prayers. Even if your courses are free, you can benefit from installing woo commerce and administering your course registrations. Simply register a free course gift certificate and get people to register.

And if you have important tickets to sell, and need assistance, you can benefit from extensions of woo-commerce like woo tickets.

More about woo-tickets


Take your bookshop online

Take your bookshop to the next level by taking it online. Your church members will be grateful for the fact that they can browse the books in their own time and make buying decisions without having to stand in the long queues after church.


The posibilities are endless.